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The Sinner Season 2 Netflix – Review

The Sinner enters its second season bringing a new story, as intriguing as the previous one, which was a huge surprise for critics and audiences (watch here).

In a short time, this production eventually entered the radar of an audience eager for novelties and complex plots, that would be able to throw people off and bring a story that, after all, is shocking.

All this can be found again in this new season. Fans can celebrate.

From the previous season, only the protagonist, interpreted by veteran Bill Pullman, remains. Everything else is different: a new case for him to unravel, with more complicated situations that defies common logic.

Now Detective Harry Ambrose is called to work on a case where a 13-year-old boy is accused of killing his own parents with cruelty. Why would a teenager do this? What would be his motivations if he never had problems with his parents or with anyone else?

A suspicious case

It all starts with a family traveling to get to know Niagara Falls in the United States. The father, the mother and the boy appear to be happy. Everything changes when the boy apparently poisons his parents’ coffee, watches their death and finally covers their bodies by placing small stones in their eyes.

Apparently, the case has no complications: the boy, named Julian, has no problem at all in admitting that he murdered his parents. The story, though macabre, would have normal consequences for the American justice system, but something does not fit. That’s why Detective Harry Ambrose is called: Because he has experience in this kind of situation, he can help solve this puzzle.

The story, as you can see, is very well tied to lock the audience in their chair throughout all their episodes. If there is one thing that this second season of The Sinner manages to do is capture the viewer and leave them tied up, addicted to understanding what is going on. Behind a relatively common crime, a huge plot of mystery can be hidden. Each episode leaves a new hook, which confuses even more, rather than explaining. All this to lead to a surprising and apotheosis ending, completely unexpected. To talk about it is to deliver spoilers, so let’s change subjects. What you need to know is: The Sinner learned from some of the last season’s mistakes that had some developmental issues (at times it was slow and drawn). Here, in this new production, it becomes much more engaging.

The link between the old story and the new one is in Harry Ambrose, Bill Pullman’s tormented detective. A lot of people may not remember him but know the face from somewhere: he was quite successful in romantic comedies in the 90’s (“While You Were Sleeping”, which he did with Sandra Bullock, is always remembered), and in ” Independence Day”, playing the role of the president of the United States.

Once again, surprising

After some time in the ostracism, he finds here a character up to his standards: Ambrose is not an easy person, is temperamental but absurdly competent. He delves deep into the mysteries until he finds the loose end that no one has noticed.

And because he is so focused on his profession, his social life is virtually nonexistent. Pullman gives dignity to the role and is at his best. Because of this and a well-constructed and accurate production, the second season of The Sinner is a must-watch for those who enjoy good mysteries.

Again, it surprises and ventures into a plot that could be considered corny but because of all the talents involved, it becomes fantastic.

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Synopsis 1: She murdered a man – but she has no idea why. The twisted truth hides in the darkest corners of her mind.

Synopsis 2: When a young mother inexplicably stabs a tranger to death a sympathetic detective struggles to unlock the mystery buried in her missing memories.

Age rating: 16

Release year: 2017


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