The Sound of Your Heart: Reboot Netflix – Review

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The Sound of Your Heart: Reboot Netflix - Review

The Sound of Your Heart: Reboot won a new season where the producers chose to start again with an all-new cast! Read more about it.

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8 thoughts on “The Sound of Your Heart: Reboot Netflix – Review

  1. Sorry but I’m a fan of the first season and I’m totally disappointed.It’s not funny anymore and the first cast was so much can you say they had a lack of charisma?and alchemy between them?they were just one is not coherent with characters at all.And I don’t know about who wrote the first one and who’s writing this one but as a matter of fact it’s just no longer funny at all.worst stuff I saw on Netflix

  2. This reboot second season is so awful. I feel like the show really let everyone down. Its not even good writing. The acting is so boring and bland. The characters have no personality. Its just really awful. It almost hurts to watch. Its like we had Michael Jordan in the beginning on our team now we have a 10 year old who just learn how to play basketball. I think this cast changed will be the reason that the show ends. I cant even watch it through but I have seen the first season like so many repeat times. Such a huge huge disappointment.

  3. First season was the best. Watching this season makes me sad. The actors are so out of sync. I feel like it doesnt make any sense anymore. Really needs to bring the old cast back. They were way better actors. The writing in this is so predictable. All in it sucks .

  4. You are insane. The reboot is AWFUL! I was laughing like crazy at the original. The new one the humor was way too forced and most of the time not funny.

  5. You are one of the worst reviewer I’ve ever come across. Do U even know what charisma is? I love the first season’s cast of true comedy. And I was praying that there would be a second season with the same cast. But it took me to only watch the first episode of the second season to get sick of it. The producers made a huge mistake with this one.

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