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The Tribe Netflix – Review

Basically, the main subject of The Tribe, movie that just debuted on Netflix, is finding happiness in the simplest things in life (watch here). Often, in a modern world like this we’re living in, we end up forgetting things that can bring much more satisfaction to us, leaving behind the meanest problems of our daily lives. Through comedy, this film tries to make us see that joy can be in things that, until then, we didn’t even believe they could be. Like dancing, for example.

Of course, these lessons are in an absurd and extravagant plot, but it’s quite functional to make you laugh. The director Fernando Colomo excels in the making of its characters, giving to them much color and joy, or a dark, even villainous atmosphere to those grumpier characters.

This lack of subtlety in their creation and treatment is part of the fun, no doubt.

Street Dance on the go

The whole story revolves around a nice cleaning lady called Virginia. She, despite her rather complicated life in her work routine, has a hobby that makes her relax and forget about all the problems: she is an adept of street dance, an urban dance modality. For this, she has a group that shares this same vocation, entitled Las Mamis. However, Virginia also has her personal problems, especially with her son Fidel, with whom she has a turbulent past. However, when losing his memory in a bizarre – and very funny – accident, they get closer again, and she introduces him to the world of dance, and they both realize they have something in common.

The Tribe only works because it has extremely competent actors leading their cast. Virginia is portrayed by Carmem Machi, a veteran actress who shows great talent for dance as well as comedy, since most of the best scenes are with her. On the other hand, we have Paco León, who plays Fidel: a bitter guy, but that after the bizarre accident, begins to have his life transformed. Leon’s physical humor talent makes his character funny, elevating the film, especially in its first part.

However, from the middle of the feature, dance sequences begin to occupy more space to the detriment of a linear script, which bothers the viewer who hopes to have more laughing opportunities, such as the ones given at the beginning of The Tribe. And unfortunately, this comedy sequence does not return to the same intensity.

Fun but empty

From this, The Tribe becomes a fun but empty movie in its purpose. Apparently, the screenplay spent all the comedy chips right on the scenes that open the film, filling the rest with sequences of rehearsals and dances. Even when Fidel begins to recover his memory the film does not become funny as before. However, it remains interesting.

The dance sequences, although they multiply at a given moment, are well rehearsed and choreographed. And the direction of Fernando Colomo knows very well how to film these scenes, that, in the end, are not confusing or badly positioned. Still, there’s the lament for The Tribe not using all the comic potential it appeared to have, but it’s still worth watching for its optimistic and even uplifting message.

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Trailer and additional information about The Tribe Netflix

Synopsis 1: He lost it all: his dignity, his memories, his man bag. But these moms helped him bounce back, one hip-hop dance move at a time.

Synopsis 2: An executive-turned-viral sensation loses his reputation and his memory, but finds a new life with his biological mother and her empowered dance group.

Age rating: 16;

Release year: 2018.


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