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The World Is Yours Netflix – Review

The best way to define The World Is Yours is like an ironic comedy. We have several examples out there, the latest of which is “The Nice Guys”, released in 2016 with Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling in the cast. There are differences between that release and this one, which now comes to Netflix: while in the other movie there was a plot of mystery, here is a comedy of errors, which turns into a snowball that leads to even more catastrophic – and funny – events that end up giving the cue to the characters’ cynicism and irony (watch here).

This French production has been highly praised because of its characteristic sense of humor. French comedies are best known for their physical elements, such as Mr. Hulot’s sitcoms in Jacques Tati’s films, which was in action between the 1950s and 1970s. There are still remnants of this French talent for humor that uses the body more than the mouth, but – as a sign of the times – there are also clever dialogues that magnify the film.

An erratic guy

The World is Yours follows the journey of Fares, a guy without great talent who becomes a small drug dealer in Paris. He dreams of a different life, full of luxury and wealth, but of course he can’t afford it. In order to change his life and achieve his goals, he accepts one last job: to go get drugs in Spain. Of course, it doesn’t work out and he finds himself involved in a complex plot that includes the drugs he should have got, the Illuminati and even his mother, an old-fashioned trickster, with whom he has a strange relationship.

Fares, who gets an on-point interpretation by Karim Leklou, has been an erratic guy since the beginning of the film. He knows what he wants from life but lives in a comfort zone that prevents him from reaching out for his dreams. When he finally decides to do something to achieve them, he ends up engaged in a plot that defies all his cleverness. Leklou delivers, making Fares a man somewhat sad with his life, but who hopes to change it after the last dirty work that he was prepared to do. He has quiet manners, but speaks ironically whenever losing his mind, sounding funny to us spectators. He is a good actor, in a role that fits him perfectly.

The director Romain Gavras didn’t save a penny when it comes to the supporting characters: he called two great performers – Vincent Cassell and Isabelle Adjani. He, with several roles in films worldwide – including in Brazil, where he resides – is a well-known name and a talented actor who plays the role of Henry, a man who has a singular importance in the life of the protagonist. While Adjani, who continues to be considered one of the greatest divas of French cinematography, plays a comic role in giving life to Danny, the trickster and domineering mother of Fares. She has the right comedy timing, making others laugh without any effort.

Quality assured

The World is Yours is a movie that couldn’t possibly go wrong: it’s guaranteed quality. Director Gavras exhibits dominance of the narrative, which is also greatly aided by an accelerated editing that potentiates some absurd (and funny) scenes. Its technical qualities are visible, including in photography, by André Chemetoff, who portrays the localities of both France and Spain with lots of color and light.

Being a runaway comedy, with many bizarre and absurd situations happening at the same time, The World is Yours may not fully please all viewers, but it certainly succeeds in getting at least a moment of laughter even from the most serious person.

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Trailer and additional information about The World is Yours Netflix

Synopsis 1: He wants out of the criminal world. But first he’ll have to pull off one last score. And prevent his mom from ruining everything.

Synopsis 2: To escape his life of crime, a Paris drug dealer takes on one last job involving Spain, unhinged gangsters, his longtime crush and his scheming mother.

Age rating: 16;

Release year: 2018.


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