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Time Share Netflix – Review of the movie about horror and comedy

Horror can be everywhere – this is the tune of Time Share, a movie that now enters the Netflix catalog bringing a powerful critique to the artificial dreams industry, sold in the form of “perfect vacations,” which translates into headaches and broken expectations, when not into a situation that can last one’s entire life. However, this film, which uses all the conventions of the horror genre, can’t be classified only in this way: the bizarre situations that follow one another, in an almost surreal way, are also portrayed as a comedy. But the laughter, here, is out of nervousness (watche here).

Director-writer Sebastian Hoffmann makes, in Time Share, a true treatise on how sanity goes away when something widely desired goes out of control.

We as humans are driven to desires, but at the slightest sign that something is wrong, our mood changes drastically. Here, in the form of satire, Hoffmann shows how far this psychological impact can go.

Frustrated vacations

The story revolves around Pedro and his family, who end up getting convinced to go to a resort to spend the perfect vacation. When they arrive, they realize it is the dream place: a large and airy house with a swimming pool available, dedicated and attentive staff, among other advantages. All this atmosphere changes when another family knocks at their door. These are people that Pedro doesn’t know about, but the resort administration informs that they have rented the same house where he is with his wife and children. Having no choice, they need to share their space with them – they are loud people who leave the house dirty and treat everyone as if they were their own relatives, including presenting Pedro’s children around the resort as if being their own.

All this gives Pedro a feeling that something is wrong. Everything is too correct, too colorful, too perfect. Even the people with whom he is forced to share his house at the resort are smiling to the extreme, bordering on fakeness. With this, Pedro creates a conspiracy theory in his head and is determined to discover the truth. On the other hand, we also follow the story of Andres, an employee of the place, who, by feeling diminished to the extreme by the natural oppression of his work environment, becomes a paranoid guy who has “visions” as he walks around doing general services in the huge labyrinth of dirty and dark corridors that lie beneath the structure of the holiday camp.

Transiting between antagonistic genres

The film transits between critical comedy, which blames society, and the literal drama, where Pedro and Andres, feeling cheated and oppressed for being forced to keep appearances in such an idealized place, end up becoming victims of this system. Time Share goes from nervous laughter to heavy drama with no issues. Hoffmann is adept at allowing his actors the possibility of parading their talents while at the same time maintaining an aesthetic that abuses the straight angles, disturbing the viewer. Perfection seems false all the time. Is it really perfect?

Transiting between antagonistic genres, Time Share offers a heavy experience to those who watch it – precisely because it shows many of the supposedly brilliant and irreproachable dreams that we end up buying in commercials, magazines and celebrity social networks. The movie shows that life is more than that, and when we dive right into this kind of goal, seeing its flaws, we lose direction. In Time Share we are always in doubt if everything is what it seems, and this doubt persists throughout the duration of the film, which doesn’t offer a concrete answer – it is open, leaving the final judgement to those who watch.

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Trailer and additional information about Time Share Netflix

Synopsis 1: He’s immune to their promises of marital and familial bliss. But if he doesn’t join this corporate family, he might lose his own.

Synopsis 2: Husband and father Pedro becomes incresingly suspicious that a series of mishaps at a resort during a family vacation ar part of a sinister plan.

Age rating: 12;

Release year: 2018.


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