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Treehouse Detectives Season 2 Netflix – Review

Treehouse Detectives now comes to its second batch of episodes on Netflix after the great success it has made with children during the show’s first season (watch here).

And as with the third season of “Beat Bugs“, which is also debuting this week in the catalog of the streaming platform, this work maintains the quality seen in its previous episodes, both with respect to its visual and in the ludic background of the script.

By showing the adventures of the two bears, who live in a house built on a tree in the forest, Treehouse Detectives brings important moral lessons to children’s formation of character. With this series, they learn a little more about the importance of fellowship, of doing the right things even when everything seems to indicate otherwise, among other issues that are of the utmost importance to growing children.

Unraveling Mysteries

The siblings Toby and Teri continue, in this second season of Treehouse Detectives, to help the entire neighborhood solve mysteries and with that, they bring viewers valuable messages about life. In technical matters, the animation is irreproachable: the production team nailed it in the visual of this work, both in the animals and in the forest where they reside. It’s fun to watch Treehouse Detectives just because it pleases the eyes. The design, in general, is quite simple, but so well executed that it ends up becoming one of the greatest attractions of the series.

In addition, this second season continues to bring, with each new episode, a new adventure. That is: no problem to watch out of order. Each episode has an average of 24 minutes, and in each of them there is a new adventure to be discovered. Of course, by watching every episode in order, Treehouse Detectives becomes more attractive. However, this is not a rule. And it should also be noted that the scripts are very well written, dealing with the issues addressed in a light and fun way. Children will have nothing to complain about – let alone the adults who want to watch them.

Of the children’s series that are on Netflix, surely Treehouse Detectives is among the best. The style remains totally playful. The stories are explained in detail, for the better understanding of the little ones. Some are quite naive, rather repetitive, but none of this disrupts the entertainment for the target audience of this production.

A winning formula

By betting on a formula that has already proven itself as the winner, Treehouse Detectives gives viewers more of the same – which, by no means, means something bad. At a time when more and more productions aimed at children with good messages and that can retain their attention are needed, it remains one of the best requests. Furthermore, by having as the target audience those still in early childhood, there are no big variations on their themes. But by relying on the charisma of their characters, it can hold itself as a good attraction.

Since we’re talking charisma, the bear brothers are charming, and the dubbing work helps a lot in that regard. Treehouse Detectives, in its second season, maintains the high quality shown previously, which is enough to remain as a great option for the children.

Images and additional information about Treehouse Detectives Netflix

Synopsis 1: What happened to the sandcastle? And can a rock really talk? These curious bears wont rest until they crack the case!

Synopsis 2: When their animal friends need help, brother-and-sister team Toby and Teri use the clues and follow the facts to solve mysteries in their own backyard.

Age rating: Everyone

Release year: 2018


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