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Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia Netflix – Review

In “Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia”, the current host of the worshipped “The Daily Show” returns to stand-up after many years away from this comedy format. His occupation as host of the once-Jon Stewart show took him away from the stage.

Netflix has brought him back, and here he can demonstrate all his comedic verve, which made his name as one of the greatest contemporary comedians in the United States (watch here).

And it’s ironic that Trevor Noah is not American. Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, he had to face a variety of prejudices to be able to establish himself in a strongly xenophobic market. Being black and immigrant, certainly the experiences he had were not easy. And now he uses them as raw material for this fantastic stand-up, where he also talks about the lessons he received from his mother, Patricia – for that, the show bears her name.

From tacos to Trump

“Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia” looks at the life of the comedian and screenwriter, who also takes advantage of his already well-known analysis of the American conjuncture, with obvious criticism of the so-called “American way of life”, besides bringing his personal experiences involving racism in the form of jokes, which shocks at the same time that makes the audience laugh. Noah is quite adept at mingling these feelings, never being a victim, but an observer – this makes the audience see him as a commentator on these absurd situations, yet he always emphasizes that he did not have to invent anything: he felt them all on his skin.

Known for being a Donald Trump’s government critic, he mocks the president several times during his one-hour show. The way Trump governs and faces the challenges of the presidency is seen through Noah’s sweeping jokes and ironies, which leaves nothing behind: the inexperience of the head of the American nation is described by him in detail, which causes some nervous laughter in the audience that accompanied the recording – and consequently who watches from home. But it’s all for good reason: Noah puts us face to face with the inconsequence and thirst for power of people who should think about the wellbeing of the population, but who put their interests above all else.

“Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia” isn’t just about politics. The lessons he learned from his mother are hilarious and cover a wide range of subjects. Every time he opens his mouth to talk about the things he learned from her, he makes the audience laugh. And no wonder: taking advantage of this theme, Noah talks about his childhood, his fears and traumas, as well as making fun of issues as diverse as his hatred of camping to the problem with Mexican tacos.

Mastery of technique

“Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia” proves that despite the departure of this kind of show, the comedian remains sharp. He has complete mastery of the stand-up technique, making the audience hypnotized while he splices a joke on the other, giving no time for the audience to breathe or stop to think about other things. The one-hour special is a guaranteed fun to those who enjoy a sour and sharp humor, but that is more than effective.

Trevor Noah is a great artist, who has life experience to share in a show of this magnitude. Here we see an extension of the work he does ahead of “The Daily Show”, but with the advantage of the freedom provided by the stand-up format.

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Trailer and additional information about Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia Netflix

Synopsis 1: Forget the hot-button issues from his day job. Trevor steps away from the desk for a charmingly personal stand-up special.

Synopsis 2: “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah touches on tacos, runaway snakes, camping, racism immunity and lessons he learned from his mother in this comedy special.

Age rating: 14;

Release year: 2018.


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