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Trolls: The Beat Goes On! Netflix Season 4 – Review

Trolls: The Beat Goes On! enters its 4th season using the maxim “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”. This animated series, produced by Dreamworks and distributed worldwide by Netflix, continues with the story that was first told in the movie “Trolls” of 2016. The film won audiences around the world and for that reason it gained a survival in the format of seasons (watch here).

And success is justified. The main characters are charismatic and funny, and the inescapable message of friendship and union characteristic of this type of work is present in every episode. That’s why Trolls: The Beat Goes On! is a sure thing to entertain young and old – yes, because its mood can also delight grown ups who like to accompany the animations along with the children.

Adventures in the Troll Village

Each episode has an average of 11 minutes, in which time ends up flying fast with the fun that the series provides. Here, Princess Poppy continues her adventures in the Troll Village, alongside her fellow Branch. In their daily lives, they must face some dangers – both from outsiders that threaten the village, and those who roam within the place itself. With this, they face adventures along with their friends and increasingly strengthen a lasting friendship.

In the movie, the main voices were in charge of Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick. For the series were called Skylar Astin and Amanda Leighton, who give the message and do a dubbing work, in the original, simply flawless. Evidently the Brazilian dubbing is not behind and continues, since the first season, being quite competent, paired with the American version. It is important to emphasize this work because much of the strength of Trolls: The Beat Goes On! is in the composition of the characters’ voice. Poppy, for example, is the leader of the Troll Village, and has a very optimistic attitude towards everything, and this is evident not only in her gestures but also in her intonation. Branch, on the other hand, as it is known, is the eternal pessimist, extreme opposite of Poppy, and who also has much of his characteristics loaded in his dubbing.

That way, Trolls: The Beat Goes On! is an interesting work from Dreamworks that continues a movie success without necessarily depending on it to survive. That is: it is possible to see any season of this animation without going to the movies to see the production that originated it. And in this fourth season, the sense of continuity is more present than ever: there are few variations from what has been seen before, but still retains the charm.

Quality above average

For a production that will not be shown in theaters, Trolls: The Beat Goes On! has above average quality. It doesn’t owe anything to its movie version. It does not suffer from the typical problems of productions that leave one media and go to another – an example is precisely the lack of quality in many serial productions, which always give the impression of being rushed, such as a slot machine. Dreamworks, in this fourth season, maintains that level and delivers a quality stuffed product, both in its visual and in its script.

In fact, Trolls: The Beat Goes On! does not challenge the viewer’s head with meaningless stories that keeps rolling without leaving its place. They are simple but accurate. This is a quality that is now maintained, which we hope will be maintained for the next seasons that will surely come.

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Trailer and additional information about Trolls: The Beat Goes On! Netflix

Synopsis 1: Now that the trolls no longer have to hide from the Bergens, it’s time to party with them! All hail Queen Poppy!

Synopsis 2: As Queen Poppy celebrates a time of peace in Troll Village with parties, competitions and special occasions, Branch tries to be more fun-loving.

Age rating: Everyone

Release year: 2018


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