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Wanderlust Netflix – Review

The questions about love and its peculiarities guide Wanderlust, a Netflix original series that is now highlighted in the platform’s catalog. The sexual and loving needs of a couple in crisis gain a brilliant spot here (watch now).

This series is anchored in award-winning performances and in an exquisite script that reaches people’s hearts easily, whether they are facing the same dilemmas shown on the screen or not.

Few times the marital question – and the question of opening a marriage for other people – has been treated with such sensitivity in an audiovisual production. And much of that success lies in the interpreters of the main characters, Steven Mackintosh and Toni Colette. She above all, proving once again to be one of the great actresses of today.

Wedding and open hearts

Mackintosh and Colette play Alan and Joy, a couple who have been together for quite some time. They have three children and a normal, routine life. One day, they notice that the sexual attraction between them has greatly diminished, causing a crisis in the relationship. Because of this, they decide to seek help and are advised to open the relationship to boost the feeling they feel for each other. It is clear that this decision ends up affecting the family and personal life of them both.

When becoming adept of an open marriage, they allow themselves to meet new people and experience sensations they haven’t felt since the time they were dating. The consequences of these choices are what make Wanderlust an indispensable series that speaks of love and feelings like few do today. The theme is very pertinent and many people can recognize themselves in it, and, despite the orthodox methods that the couple adopts to solve the problem, the love they feel for each other is undeniable.

That is where the quality and talent of the leading cast shines. Steven Mackintosh and Toni Colette find one of the best jobs of their careers, in which they give their characters tremendous sensitivity and dramatic acting. Mackintosh appears insecure and frustrated by believing he can no longer be sexually attracted to his wife, despite loving her unconditionally. His fragility is remarkable, and that, as the episodes go by, begins dissipating and gains a very interesting emotional force. It’s certainly one of the actor’s finest works.

Brightest Shine

The star that shone brightest in Wanderlust was Toni Collete’s. In an irreproachable year for her career, where she also starred in the film “Hereditary” – with which she is likely to be nominated for an Oscar – she plays here a sensitive and often funny interpretation as the equally insecure Joy, a woman clearly suppressed in her marriage and who feels the need to let go, but fears the reaction of her husband. The nuances put by Colette in her performance can be noticed with just a look. It is a display of an enormous talent, which deserves even greater recognition.

In this way, Wanderlust is a must-watch drama that talks about themes that matter to anyone, whether married, single or dating. The six episodes, all written by Nick Payne – who also wrote a few episodes of “The Crown” – are sensitive and know how to balance the drama with a dose of humor needed to break the ice. For those who like a bittersweet series, with few episodes and easy to marathon, this is a must.

Trailer and additional information about Wanderlust Netflix

Synopsis 1: Can new lovers save their marriage? This long married couple takes a leap down a forbidden path.

Synopsis 2: Unable to revive their fading sex life after many years of marriage, a therapist and her husband decide to start dating other people.

Age rating: 18

Release year: 2018


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