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Warrior Netflix – Review

The Danish audiovisual production Warrior reaches the Netflix screens to bring a bit more unbridled action, coupled with a good drama and above average performances (watch here).

Productions from this small country are often highly praised by critics and audiences for its density, such as “The Rain” or “Borderliner”, which are also available on the streaming platform. Here the balance between shots and explosions with a pessimistic lucubration about society and life in general reaches its peak.

Of course, this is the kind of project that would hardly be born in the United States, for example. The themes dealt with are not in the American producers’ firing line, who are responsible for much of the products we consume in both streaming and television. The topics covered, probably, would not be palatable for the average audience that loves to follow a series. Fortunately, we have Denmark, who is not afraid to dare.

Guilt and resentment

Warrior Netflix tells the story of a policeman who, feeling responsible for the death of a friend and co-worker, offers to help this guy’s widow unveil a powerful gang that terrorizes Copenhagen. He accepts, trying to redeem himself, even if he was not directly responsible for the death of his best friend. But to fulfill his mission, he must infiltrate, which entails enormous dangers for himself and everyone around him.

The main character, named C.C, is drowned in guilt and resentment over the death of his best friend, who died on a battlefield. C.C. could not help or save him, which threw him into a huge depression. The sense of responsibility for his friend’s death prevents him from going on with his life. Of course, this also affects the widow of this man, who is also a police officer. Because he feels obliged to her, he immediately accepts a job she needs help with: end a group of criminals who are leaving Copenhagen in a rush.

It is noted, for this brief summary, that it is a heavy series. It will not be all the audiences that will be able to accompany it, because there is seldom a respite outside of this oppressive, even sad, atmosphere that permeates the whole production. The script gives few opportunities to escape the story of revenge, resentment and sadness. Meanwhile, Warrior Netflix is so well written that in a short time we get hooked and ready to accompany C.C. in his fight against crime in the city – and also against his personal demons that keep chasing after him.

Dedicated acting

The main actors in Warrior, Dar Salim and Danica Curcic, do an excellent job ahead of production. He demonstrates in his always closed and concise expressions how much his character is plagued by guilt and remorse for not being able to fulfill the mission of protecting and helping his best friend. At the same time, he is obstinate in fulfilling the task he receives, and his always gloomy attitude helps him infiltrate the dangerous group. It is a talent of Salim to be able to demonstrate all this with few facial expressions, but with a good corporal work: always with curved shoulders, looking tired.

Curcic, on the other hand, is a determined woman and a hard-working police officer, who is in the service of the law. Her performance is so competent that it leaves no room for criticism. She gives her character, called Louise, an unexpected depth (at first we imagine she would only be a good supporting actress, but she grows up with each episode) and that makes us fond of her. It is certainly one of the highlights of the series.

Warrior Netflix is therefore a great work coming from distant Denmark, which again proves that it can create dense and deep series, without leaving aside the pure and simple entertainment that characterizes in the electrifying scenes of action (mainly those of persecution) that occur during the series. For those who like more themes turned to the characters’ psychological analysis, this is an excellent show.

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Images and additional information about Warrior Netflix

Synopsis 1: A distant war took someone they both loved. Now they’re teaming up to bring down an enemy much closer to home.

Synopsis 2: A war veteran plagued by guilt over his final mission teams up with his best friend’s widow to infiltrate a dangerous Copenhagen biker gang.

Release year: 2018


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