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Wild District Netflix – Review

Wild District is one of the few colombian series included in the Netflix catalog. Now it keeps company for “Escobar: El Patrón del Mal” and “Narcos”, co-production with the United States, certainly the most famous. The two, coincidentally, talk about Pablo Escobar.

In this new original production, the most famous colombian character is left out. The focus here are the guerrillas, which have been part of the country’s routine for a long time. It is a fictional story, but it uses reality as a backdrop to develop its plot.

Maybe it’s time to get away from the real stories. There is a saturation of Escobar’s life and death by the media in recent years. Here what we see is a good thriller coupled with a very pertinent drama that has great chances to delight the audience – and also please those who like a good mystery plot.

Wild District Netflix has a mysterious atmosphere

The Wild District plot talks about Jhon Jeiver, a man trained since his childhood by the Colombian guerrillas to be a killing machine. He is so successful in this endeavor that he becomes a near untraceable killer, that is, no one notices his approach and has the same ease to disappear without a trace. It turns out that he was kidnapped when he was a baby by this terrorist group, and created by them just to be a cold person, without remorse or resentment. When trying to integrate into society, tired of this life, he faces problems because of his dangerous connections from the past that insist on pursuing him.

The series is very successful in maintaining a mysterious mood around its main character. We see, for example, how competent he is, right at the beginning, at the missions where he must execute people without being detected by anyone, which makes us as spectators believe in his dangerousness. However, from the moment he decides to leave all this behind and be an “ordinary person”, he is pursued by the Colombian government itself to perform some shady work. Because of this he can’t have peace.

Tied to all this there’s a whole subplot about his abduction by the guerrillas. He is not even sure who he really is. Wild District, before being an action series, has that touch of drama that moves Jeiver as well. Leaving his bloody training behind and trying to fit into a new reality, having a new family and new friends, he finds himself cornered to do some dirty jobs for the local government. Anyway, what we see is a search for inner peace.

A great job

It is necessary to emphasize, in this first season of Wild District, the superb acting of Juan Pablo Raba. Interpreting the main character, a taciturn man who does his best to live a normal life in an environment that he clearly doesn’t know, he does a master’s job by giving this man, through a corporal expression, and even with looks, a whole background that makes us believe in his drama.
Of course, being a series of action, this aspect also draws a lot of attention.

The production does a special job in the fight scenes, which are choreographed and filmed with care. It even reminds, in many aspects, the Bourne trilogy, which made success in movie theaters all over the world, even though the plot and character motives are different. It’s a great job from the entire team, from the direction to the actors that makes Wild District an interesting series that escapes from the standards known to Latin productions, until then.

Trailer and additional information of Wild District Netflix

Synopsis 1: He left a war in the jungle for a new one in the city, where the enemy wears a suit and tie and is far more insidious.

Synopsis 2: After surrendering to Bogotá police, an ex-guerrilla avoids prision by working undercover to investigate a ruthless enforcer of government corruption.

Age rating: 16 years;

Release year: 2018


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