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Wolf Netflix – Review of the Turkey series

Turkey is on a roll on Netflix this year, and with Wolf (Boru) it puts another series in the catalog. Unlike “The Protector” which premiered recently, this is not an original production of the producer. However, there is a good level of quality in this miniseries, which makes it irresistible both for those who are already accustomed and fond of Turkish productions and for those who are looking for a good police story to enjoy (watch here).

Here we have a story that tells the routine of an elite police squad that faces various dangers in Turkey, such as terrorist attacks and kidnappings in schools. But in addition, there are also the personal dramas of each member of that group, which need to be balanced along with their work.

A heavy burden

The Wolf  story , as already explained, is divided into two narrative lines. The first of them talks about the day to day of the elite police squad, who must deal with various dangers and tense situations in their work routine. Here are the best scenes in the series. It is very well directed, making the viewer tense along with the police. The dangers they face seem real, because of the nervous camera and grainy photography, reminiscent of documentaries filmed in real areas of conflict.

On the other hand, we also observe the lives of each of these policemen, who have their own personal dramas to deal with besides work, which is already a heavy burden. For one hour – each episode time – we see the challenges these people need to face in order to be able to fulfill their mission. Just how it works in the police anywhere in the world, it takes concentration and focus not to be beaten by the bad guys, be they of any category. But Wolf Netflix is not only about the drama. It has some comic escape valves, in some figures of the corporation that end up adding this element in the mixture of genres that this project has been transformed into.

As a miniseries, Wolf really has a great value. But it suffers from the repetition of some themes. The dramas, at least at the time of the season, end up becoming so beaten up that this may, in fact, tire some people. There is no variation in the script that turns the corporation’s story into something more exciting. This happens more by the end, but maybe it’s late: a lot of people end up abandoning series halfway through when they start to become tiresome. With the many options that Netflix offers, this is easy to do.

Still worth the stream

On the other hand, Wolf is worth the stream because of its well-orchestrated action. We know there are a lot of fans of the police series, and they will be quite satisfied with what they will see here. There’s nothing to complain about in the action scenes at all. It is astonishing that Turkey, which has never had an audiovisual tradition outside its typical soap operas, is doing such a good job in terms of the visuals of its productions. This is a point that can’t be ignored.

Sometimes the story stops, and nothing happens. This is an evil among new series of any nationality. However, Wolf is saved by having captivating characters with whom we feel affinity in their personal lives. This empathy keeps people engaged in the series, and that determines their success. In the end, Wolf is worth it.

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Some additional information about Wolf (Boru) Netflix

Synopsis 1: From their perilous missions to their rocky personal lives, these first responders face traps and hurdles at every turn.

Synopsis 2: Tasked with risky missions across Turkey, members of a special-operations police unit confront danger and tragedy both on the field and at home.

Age rating: 16;

Release year: 2018.


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