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You Netflix – Review of the “love it or hate it” series

The Netflix serie You is a “love it or hate it” production. There is no way to be in a middle ground. The series, made by Lifetime and that now comes to the catalog of Netflix, offers a story that fascinates at the same time that shocks and arouses feelings of disgust and repulsion in the viewer. All because of a man who, obsessed with winning over a girl he met at work, becomes capable of anything (watch here).

The risk in this type of production is to fall into the trap of romanticizing the obsessed man. There is, of course, the ones who think of this as an act of love, which of course is wrong. Cheering for the guy who stars this story says a lot about what kind of person you are: if you think he should win the girl’s heart with his invasive attitudes, I have to say: you’re wrong. You is a suspenseful series that keeps the viewer’s senses always alert to the imminent risk that the female character runs while being targeted by a maniac. Seeing romance in this is somewhat problematic. And that’s the biggest bonus of the show.

Escape the stalker

You Netflix is based on a book written by Caroline Kepnes in 2014, and features ten episodes in its first season. We follow Joe’s routine, an employee at a bookstore who, one day, helps a girl who catches his eye. From this “love at first sight”, we follow all his attempts at rapprochement, until finally he manages to become intimate with Guinevere Beck, with whom he initiates a relationship based on jealousy and paranoia. Of course, this behavior begins to affect their lives. What moves the series is: will she realize that she is in the company of a sickly stalker?

A big positive point of the series You is to use the narration to let us know what Joe is thinking. We see a normal scene where the two of them are together-and that would be commonplace, were it not for us to be listening to the guy’s thoughts, which range from absurd to criminal. It is clear from the start that Joe is sick, but his actions to win Guinevere are turned into romantic attitudes. If there wasn’t the narration that reveals to us what is going on in his head at those times, this series could be framed in the romance genre. However, as their relationship deepens and Joe’s mania leaves his mind and becomes reality, we notice the real danger that she’s in.

None of this would be possible in You, however, without a pair of actors who were convincing. The lineup of Penn Badgley and Elizabeth Lail was a find. The two take on their roles: she conveys the innocence and sweetness of her character with a lot of competence, and also does a great job in the moments of suspense that arise when realizing who she’s dealing with. Now he, we must admit, is the highlight of the series. Joe is a troubled guy with a completely misguided idea of ​​what love and relationship are, and as much as his actions seem right at first, we know from the beginning that his feeling is nothing more than an obsession. This is very clear, especially from half the production on, by the actor who plays him.

A different proposal

The original Netflix You, therefore, has a different proposal from what you see in other series. Instead of showing a love story, what we see is the unfolding of a perversion, of a behavioral deviation of a guy who, perhaps, has no idea of ​​the illness he has. His thoughts about Guinevere’s attitudes are completely misrepresented (as in the scenes in which they do not even know each other, he’s imagining that all she’s done is to get his attention). It is a dive in the mind of a psychopath, and Guinevere’s sense of danger is felt by us spectators.

There will be some who think that Joe’s actions are of someone in love. Someone will romanticize this, of course. That’s why some people will love or hate the series. The fact is that few times the mind of a stalker was so well demonstrated as in this production – which wasn’t a Netflix original, but that has already secured a second season produced by the company.

This shows that the appeal this history has with the public is real. It’s a compelling and intriguing suspense that takes a walk through a sick mind.

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Some additional information about the series You Netflix

Synopsis 1: Boy meets girl. Boy falls for girl. Boy obsesses over girl. Just how far will boy go to get girl?

Synopsis 2: Obsessed with an aspiring writer, a charming bookstore manager goes to extreme measures to insert himself into her life.

Age rating: 16;

Release year: 2018.


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